AMI Webinars

AMI AssetTrack User Summit 2020

Join us for the AMi AssetTrack User Summit 2020.  In this webinar, Tom Watson will demonstrate new features available on AssetTrack as well as the roadmap for the future.  Tom also interviews Mike Loria of Re-Source Partners and explains the value of AssetTrack Pro.

Laying the foundation for IT Asset Management

Effective asset management takes more than implementing processes and tools to manage asset information. You need a clean yet robust platform of referential data upon which asset management reports are built in order to get value from an ITAM solution. AMI experts discuss the importance of foundational data required to properly implement ITAM.

Introducing AssetTrack for iOS

Tom Watson of AMI demonstrates the new AssetTrack iOS app, allowing existing and new AssetTrack customers to scan and track IT assets using iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. Mobile IT Asset Tracking is important for keeping a healthy asset management program.

Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) to ITAM

This fast-paced, fact-filled webinar takes a close look at how BYOD, and using mobile devices for IT Asset Barcode tracking and scanning is affecting the world of IT Asset Management. This presentation looks at issues such as cost, applicability and the requirements for an effective ITAM app.

Finding the ROI Sweet Spot with RFID

The use of RFID technology in the field of IT asset management is growing quickly. But with that growth have come important questions about its application, accuracy and – perhaps most of all – its cost effectiveness. This Webinar will show you how get value and ROI from RFID without breaking the bank.

Building a Business Case For ITAM

Everyone who deploys an IT hardware asset management solution does so with the intention that it will improve accuracy, procedures and the financial bottom line. But how do you really know if those goals are being achieved? In this fast-paced webinar, we’ll show you the key steps to asking the right questions, defining the right metrics and getting the answers you need to measure return on an ITAM investment.