Hardware Asset Management Lifecycle

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Make important decisions rapidly

With AssetTrack to capture, track, reconcile, integrate, customize, and improve hardware management, your IT plans are based on solid information.

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Buy only what you need

AssetTrack makes it easy to know what you have, where it lives, and who’s using it, so you can buy only what you need.

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Pay only for what you receive

AssetTrack ensures you know exactly what you received, associating receipts to purchase orders, so that you pay only for what you receive and avoid the average 3% of shipments that get lost, stolen, or recorded incorrectly.

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Keep inventory current in a real world environment

AssetTrack provides tools to quickly and accurately update asset information as assets are installed, moved, added and changed (IMAC) throughout the enterprise. Using any device with barcode scanning support, technicians can change assignment, location and status of one or more assets in seconds. This ensures asset databases are maintained in real-time as incidents and work orders are closed.

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Avoid financial penalties

Financial services, healthcare, government and other sectors operate under strict requirements to accurately track and manage their hardware assets or face financial penalties. AssetTrack provides a lifecycle tracking and auditing solution that maintains chain-of-custody control over your asset inventory.

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Know when to update equipment

With better tracking and information about IT hardware, AssetTrack helps you plan for retirement and refreshing equipment more intentionally.

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Protect yourself from assets lost downstream

AssetTrack shows what’s been marked for disposal, reconciling against the disposal vendor report and showing proper processes have been followed if any assets are lost downstream after you relinquish them.