AssetTrack for ServiceNow 5.2 Release

Hey there AssetTrack users! It’s that time again when we announce the latest update to your favorite asset management tool – AssetTrack for ServiceNow Version 5.2.


Transfer Orders

  • Get out of ServiceNow and automate your Transfer Order process by creating, shipping, and receiving a transfer order right from AssetTrack.

Audit Enhancements

  • Effortless Searching: Searching is now a breeze as it kicks off automatically when a search field is scanned on an Audit form, saving you valuable time
  • Customizable Audit Naming: Customize how the Audit Generator names audit instances, making them easy to find in your audit list
  • Assign an Audit Manager: Assign a specific user to an Audit Definition to efficiently manage audits. This person is the only person that can ‘Complete’, ‘Continue’ or ‘Abandon’ that audit
  • Seamless Continuation: Not quite done with an audit when it is in the ‘Ready for Review’ stage? A ‘Continue’ button has been added to allow you to continue the audit if you need to go back and properly finish
  • Record Count Matching: New ‘Record Count’ field gives you a simple way to see the number of assets in an audit. This makes it easy to identify large audits that may need to be broken up
  • Flexible Auditing: Finish scanning but keep audits open for Auditors to address any issues or missing items

Connectivity/Sync Improvements

  • Sync Plan Management: Asset Managers can create ‘Sync Plan’ records, defining different sync plans for better control
  • Offline Data Upload: As an offline user, you can upload collected data when you choose to ‘Connect’ or ‘Sync’
  • Force Full Sync: Need the latest data? Force a new full sync to ensure you’re up to date
  • Online/Offline Mode: Easily switch between online and offline modes with access to the ‘Sync’ option in offline mode, with error messages if server connection fails
  • Sync Status Clarity: During Advanced Audits, the audit status area now provides insights into how many records are waiting to sync and how many are currently syncing or retrying
  • Debugging Tools: Debugging is a breeze with log messages and network connectivity logging options
  • Delta Sync: Need to sync a million assets in under a minute? No problem.  This new feature only syncs data that has changed since your last sync so it only takes seconds to sync with your server.


Other Helpful Enhancements and Fixes

  • AssetTrack Fields: When viewing a hardware asset in ServiceNow, click the new AssetTrack tab to access AssetTrack fields
  • Navigator Wording Update: The ServiceNow navigator now links to the dashboard using the term “Metrics” instead of “Overview”


So, there you have it, folks! AssetTrack for ServiceNow Version 5.2 is all about making your asset management smoother, and more efficient. Enjoy the updates and keep tracking those assets like a pro!



Bug Fixes

  • Audit Bug fixes
    • Duplicate Audited Records: No more worries about duplicate audited records; they are now cleaned up.
    • Hierarchical Field Handling: Updated business rules on the audit table now handle “hierarchical” fields (e.g., Location) correctly.
  • Clock Durations Bug Fixes
    • Days to Keep Update: Clock Definitions now correctly remove themselves from the table after the specified time.
    • Scanning improvements Bug Fixes
    • Scanner Stability: Issues with RFD8500 hanging after several scans have been resolved.
    • Client Errors: Fixed client error occurrences when searching scan key reference fields.
  • Other Bug Fixes
    • Form Clearing: Issues with the value equaling another field after clearing a form have been resolved.
    • Warning Consistency: Warning colors on the filter now match those on dog tags consistently.
    • User Field Update: The user field on lifecycle history now correctly shows the AssetTrack updated by user instead of “system.”
    • Session Recovery: Fixed the prompt to recover the previous session when entering assets in the check-out form.

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