Asset Dwell-Time Cost

Asset managers need an automated, accurate, effective solution for managing assets in order to deliver success.

With AssetTrack® Pro, you get a single solution built in ServiceNow that will quickly and easily allow you to track, monitor, and assess your assets at all stages of the process. You’ll get advanced reporting, control, and security for increased productivity and decreased costs and risk.

This calculator helps you to understand how much it costs for assets to dwell "in-stock" or other non-usable states.  Use the sliders to answer a couple basic questions and it can provide an estimate of the cost of your assets not being used.

Quickly Calculate the Cost of Assets not "in-use"

What does AssetTrack do?

We make IT asset management simple.

AssetTrack helps ensure you can accurately and automatically track and verify your IT assets in real-time, with the data and analytics you need to take advantage of the full value of ServiceNow.

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