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AMI and Re-Source Partners Combine Top IT Asset Management Software for ServiceNow and Expert Managed Services

Complete hardware lifecycle solution can expedite critical ITAM digital transformation as companies normalize operations

SEATTLE and TROY, MI, June 2, 2020—AMI, the world leader in RFID and barcode IT asset management (ITAM) software, and ITAM managed services leader Re-Source Partners have teamed up to introduce AssetTrack Pro, a compete hardware lifecycle solution. AssetTrack Pro combines AMI’s AssetTrack, the most popular ITAM app for ServiceNow, and Re-Source Partners’ ITAM resources and logistics expertise for managing every hardware asset phase from planning and receiving through retirement and disposal.

“As organizations rethink business as usual in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, many are looking for ways to accelerate digital transformation of ITAM. Our new offering, AssetTrack Pro, relies on cloud technology and digital processes, plus hardware logistics experts, to make ITAM more agile, responsive and robust,” said Thomas Watson, AMI founder and CEO.

Enterprises of all sizes struggle with building and operating the right ITAM infrastructure, applications, processes, and staffing models to create a mature program. Some 43% of IT professionals still track equipment on spreadsheets, according to 2020 research by Ivanti, while 53% don’t track the entire hardware lifecycle and 20% don’t know which assets are beyond their warranties.

Accurate, complete and current asset information is critical for safeguarding IT and data privacy and security, maintaining regulatory and financial compliance and making informed IT spending and asset allocation decisions.

“With AssetTrack Pro, our experienced technicians use AMI’s state-of-the-art cloud software for tracking, reporting, and auditing asset information. In addition, we handle all hardware logistics. This gives customers up-to-date asset inventories, plus the necessary information and insights to achieve IT and business objectives,” says Mike Loria, co-founder and president of Re-Source Partners.

One the country’s top 20 banks relies on AMI and Re-Source Partners to improve ITAM accuracy, security, compliance and user experience while streamlining processes, including:

  • Moved from decentralized, site-by-site hardware purchasing to consolidated operation at a Re-Source Partners depot where new assets are received and inventoried into the bank’s ServiceNow database and end user hardware assets are tracked in real time.
  • Completed book-to-floor physical inventory of more than 20,000 end-user IT assets at more than 30 offices.


About AMI

AMI is a world leader and innovator in IT asset management (ITAM) software, giving global enterprises unmatched control and information to improve decision making and reduce costs throughout the hardware lifecycle. AMI digitally transforms IT asset management with AssetTrack®, the leading ITAM app for ServiceNow, which offers versatile barcode and RFID scanning capabilities to automate, simplify and accelerate the accurate collection, management and analysis of hardware data. AMI develops ITAM software that works better than anything else in the marketplace: It’s easy to use in the field, customized to client needs and delivers data clients can trust, so they can maximize IT asset availability, security and compliance.


About Re-Source Partners

Re-Source Partners is a leading managed services provider for IT asset management. The exclusive provider of AssetTrack Pro™, Re-Source Partners digitally transforms IT asset management by integrating lifecycle services with AssetTrack™, #1 ITAM app for ServiceNow. Re-Source Partners delivers the right skills, processes, technology, and facilities to meet each client’s needs at any or every step in the hardware lifecycle, enhancing ITAM performance, service, security, compliance and savings for global and U.S. enterprises.

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