Asset Tracking Automation Made Easy

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Learn about asset tracking automation

Lack of asset tracking automation system is a key reason hardware asset management programs fail.

Protect your asset management program from failure using AssetTrack's® intelligent asset tracking automation tools that provide the foundation for ITAM success.

Your asset management solution isn't working because of

Soul crushing spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are useful, but for ITAM success, an automated solution that allows for real-time changes is vital.

Slow data capture tools

If you don’t capture data quickly and easily, it’s already incorrect and out of date by the time you see it.

Missed opportunities

Without accurate data, there’s no chance to make good decisions about your needs and spend.

Culture of mistrust

If you can’t trust the data, you can’t trust the reporting, and no one wants a team who has trust issues.

AssetTrack® brings HAM to life with intelligent automation tools

AMI works on multiple devices

Tracking tools

From RFID readers and scanners, Smartphone scanning, to Offline, USB-connected scanning, we take data capture next level.

Streamlined UI

Until robots take over, make HAM easy with a simple UI that corrects errors, recognizes patterns and gives audible feedback.

Complete lifecycle

Get reliable data and reporting with process control at every stage of the lifecycle. And we mean every stage.


Your solution is ready to go as soon as you are, with no need for extra development, easily configure your processes.

Create the foundation for hardware asset management success with

User engagement

No one will say no to a solution that delivers the accurate, trustworthy data they need to do their jobs.

Single source of truth

Eliminate the unnecessary reporting and tasks with a single source of truth that is accurate and reliable.

Measurable outcomes

Transform your culture to one that values performance and responsibility with your IT hardware.