AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 4.1 Release

AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 4.1 Release

AMI is excited to announce the release of  AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 4.1, our latest software release delivering industry leading RFID and barcode control system technology. AssetTrack® for ServiceNow includes best-in-class tools for audit, scanning efficiency, RFID/barcode swapping, and license compliance notification.

What you can expect from the AssetTrack® for ServiceNow 4.1 release:

Update assets immediately as audits are in progress

Asset Managers can now configure Advanced Audits to update Hardware asset records in real-time as assets are collected. Unexpected assets discovered during an audit are automatically updated, so the Hardware table has the most current information.

Immediate asset updates for an audit definition can be enabled by configuring the Update Behavior property of an audit definition.

Scan Anything (Scanbot 5000) in AssetTrack® for ServiceNow

AssetTrack Scan Anything increases the speed and accuracy of data collection by avoiding the need to look at the screen. Just “scan anything” in any order and let AssetTrack do the work.

AssetTrack will figure out what you scanned and populate the correct field without you having to think. As an AssetTrack data collector, simply scan stockrooms, models, locations, users, asset tags and serial numbers in whatever order you want. AssetTrack will figure it out and load your form accordingly.

This option can be turned on on the client by selecting Settings > Scanbot 5000.

Swap between RFID and barcode on the fly with android devices

Devices with Zebra RFID scanners, either integrated or Bluetooth, can now swap between RFID and barcode scanning on the fly. Use the Swap button on the mobile device to swap your scanning behavior on the fly.

Be notified when your AssetTrack for ServiceNow license drops out of compliance

An email notification will be sent to all users with the AssetTrack Admin role when your AssetTrack for ServiceNow license drops out of compliance. The notification will include the compliance details, along with the number of days remaining in your grace period before the system will shut down.

The notifications will occur with more frequency as your grace period comes to and end.

This gives Administrators ample time to correct license issues or obtain new licenses from AMI to prevent system interruption.

You’ll only need to enable email sending in ServiceNow.

If you are not currently part of the AMI community, you can request a free trial of AssetTrack® in the ServiceNow Store.  Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

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