Analytics and Reporting for AssetTrack for ServiceNow

AMI Introduces New Analytics and Reporting for Hardware Asset Management in AssetTrack® for ServiceNow

SEATTLE, October 15, 2020—AMI, the world leader in RFID and barcode IT asset management (ITAM) software, has significantly expanded the analytics and reporting capabilities of AssetTrack® for ServiceNow. With the best-selling ITAM software for the ServiceNow platform, companies now have unmatched control and flexibility to view, sort, track and report on hardware data. This ground-breaking transparency provides the insight organizations require to uncover problems and identify opportunities for sizeable cost savings and improved utilization, security and compliance.

With AssetTrack®’s lifecycle history tracking, clients can evaluate the movement and utilization of IT assets over time, based on fields they collect, including user, location, model category, and time spent in repair. AssetTrack® enables clients to easily extract powerful insights that can drive better-decision making, vendor management and ITAM effectiveness.

“Our lifecycle history analytics and reporting are a gamechanger,” said Tom Watson, founder and CEO of AMI. “These capabilities strengthen AssetTrack®’s position as the leading ITAM control system, providing unsurpassed visibility and superior tracking for complete, real-time data accuracy and actionable feedback for continuous performance improvement.”

AssetTrack® for ServiceNow’s analytics and reporting makes it easy to:

  • Identify ITAM improvement targets, such as high in-stock inventory rates
  • Measure progress toward ITAM goals, including sharply reducing in-stock inventory
  • Set up dashboards to check key performance indicators, from vendor SLA compliance to equipment returns, time assets spend in transit and meantime to failure for specific assets and brands
  • Accept binary data including user signatures
  • Map inventory audit results over time to measure trends in data accuracy overall, by location or other KPI
  • Track and report chain of custody for disposal certificates

Until now, many companies using ServiceNow have relied on homegrown solutions to supplement ServiceNow’s limited analytics for IT hardware data. ServiceNow allows companies to see the latest audit results for individual pieces of equipment, but they cannot archive historical changes, such as different users or locations.  ServiceNow also doesn’t enable IT asset managers to look at or produce reports of more than one asset, such as all headsets, at a time. Nor can they compare multiple assets such as the performance of two laptop models.

AMI’s ServiceNow-native app consolidates all lifecycle history information into each client’s ServiceNow CMDB for secure and streamlined analysis and reporting of hardware data.

For more information about AssetTrack® for ServiceNow, please check out our demo or contact us at [email protected] also offers a 30-day free trial.

About AMI

AMI is a world leader and innovator in IT asset management (ITAM) software, giving global enterprises unmatched control and information to improve decision making and reduce costs throughout the hardware lifecycle. AMI digitally transforms IT asset management with AssetTrack®, the leading ITAM control system for ServiceNow, which offers versatile barcode and RFID scanning capabilities to automate, simplify and accelerate the accurate collection, management and analysis of hardware data. AMI develops ITAM software that works better than anything else in the marketplace: It’s easy to use in the field, customized to client needs and delivers data clients can trust, so they can maximize IT asset availability, security and compliance.

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