Attention all Asset Managers – Read This First

Finally – there’s one source for answers to all the important aspects of implementing a hardware asset tracking solution at your organization.

AMI has recently posted on their web site a free download of their Asset Tracking Guide.

The Guide covers subjects such as defining your business goals, asset lifecycles, receiving/installing/moving/disposing assets, audits and reconciliation. In other words, nearly everything you need to know about keeping track of a large number of physical assets.

The Asset Tracking Guide is not a veiled sales pitch for AMI, but a comprehensive, genuinely useful resource that provides practical recommendations to make your company’s asset management faster, easier and more accurate.

It’s free. Click here to download your copy.

Thomas Watson - CEO of AMIAuthor: Tom Watson

Tom Watson is AMI’s President and CEO. He began his career in high tech in 1996, as a software engineer for his own software company. After a subsequent stint at IT Asset Management firm Micropath as senior architect for that company’s asset tracking system, he founded AMI to develop hardware asset tracking technology solutions for enterprise IT Asset Management customers.

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