Asset Tracking Automation

Intelligent Automation Tools for Hardware Asset Tracking

There is a myriad of ways hardware asset management can fail. Not having a solid asset tracking automation system in place is one of the main reasons. Many companies are still using manual processes, spreadsheets, and slow, frustrating data capture tools, which makes accurate data capture impossible and leads to bad data in the system, poor user adoption and zero potential for accurate analytics.

Because users don’t trust their tools to do what they need and give them accurate data, they end up each doing their own thing with no adherence to a uniform process, often creating siloed systems that end up tracking duplicate information. The end result is error ridden, out-of-date information, increased costs from paying for hardware that’s not really there, no ability to forecast or make educated decisions about needs and spend and a serious case of trust issues.

Hardware asset managers need a solution that addresses and fixes these challenges with intelligent automation tools: Everything from basic camera scanning, to enterprise-grade barcode and RFID readers, and APIs to get accurate, trustworthy data into the database on the first try.

Automated asset tracking

Automating Asset Tracking

AssetTrack® is the #1 app built in ServiceNow that does all of this and takes automated data capture technologies to the next level with:

  • Hardware tools
    • RFID readers that speed up stockroom and data center inventories.
    • Smartphone scanning to capture updates without the need for carrying heavy devices.
    • Offline, USB-connected scanning for laptops to track assets without the need for human intervention and will enable tracking in secured areas that don’t allow cameras or wireless technology.
  • Streamlined user-experience
    • Simple UI that corrects errors, recognizes patterns and gives audible feedback.
  • Complete lifecycle
    • Reliable data and reporting at every stage of the lifecycle.
  • Out-of-the-box
    • A solution that’s ready to go immediately, with no need for extra dev work.

User Interface

Asset tracking interface

While intelligent tools are vital for an effective asset management system, they can’t (and won’t) work alone. They need a partnership with an interface that’s designed for asset tracking speed and productivity to fully realize success. AssetTrack®’s interface is designed to make asset management tasks easier and quicker for users with:

A user-friendly, optimized UI

  • Instant error-correction
  • Pattern recognition
  • Audible feedback
  • Bulk processes that trigger other workflows in purchasing, service, and HR

This makes for a simple, streamlined user experience that helps drives asset tracking user adoption, is ready out-of-box and is applied to the entire lifecycle including:

  • Inventory
  • Receiving
  • Stock management
  • IMAC
  • Cycle audit
  • End of Life tracking with Depot integration
  • Self-Verification system that confirms assets in just a few clicks

Built for Asset Managers

All of these asset tracking features and capabilities of AssetTrack® come without the need for extensive development or specialized knowledge. With an AssetTrack® solution in place, asset managers finally have a foundation for ITAM success with actual adoption and engagement from users, who can now be assured the data and reports they’re getting are complete, current and accurate – all in one place and accessible whenever they need.

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