Senior Executive

Senior Executive

Your guide to select the best strategic ITAM solution

As a senior executive responsible for making high-impact decisions and meeting compliance, security and/or financial requirements, you need hardware asset data you can count on. How can you ensure you cover all the security, risk, financial, operational and compliance bases with an ITAM solution?

Start with the issues you face. Here’s a checklist:

Identify Challenges

  • Risk management
  • Time constraints
  • Financial constraints
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Workflow and process gaps
  • Staff development
  • Internal consensus and adoption

What You Need

  • Complete, current and compliant data
  • Digital transformation
  • Workflow and process automation to deliver measurable improvement
  • Effective allocation of resources
  • Continuous improvement and efficiency
  • Improved security
  • Cost savings

How AssetTrack Helps

  • #1 ITAM app for ServiceNow
  • Accelerates digital transformation
  • Dashboard for real-time reports
  • Completely built on the ServiceNow platform for secure integration
  • Makes it easy for enterprises to get and keep accurate information
  • Accurate data can be leveraged across organizational units
  • Can be configured/customized to meet the needs of the enterprise
  • Reduces use of high-priced resources on tasks that can be automated