AssetTrack for ServiceNow

Six Reasons Why AssetTrack is #1 Ranked in the ServiceNow Store


AssetTrack for ServiceNow is the only barcode and RFID hardware asset management solution available that is “serverless,” meaning that it runs entirely within the ServiceNow platform. AssetTrack requires no third party server or cloud service. Because of this, the total cost of ownership of AssetTrack is far lower than server based solutions, which come with significant setup, development, and maintenance costs.

Why Serverless Matters…

  • Your data is secure. AssetTrack is ServiceNow. No sensitive data is ever processed by third party software or a cloud service. AssetTrack uses ServiceNow tables, security, and logging to ensure your data is as protected as it is by ServiceNow.
  • You don’t need IT support. There is no server to provision and support. No IT infrastructure is necessary. No specialized staff or training is required.
  • Installation is simple. It takes five minutes to install AssetTrack in your ServiceNow directly from the ServiceNow applications menu. You can set up an AssetTrack demo on your mobile phone with barcode or RFID scanning in ten minutes.  Creating test and development environments is just as easy, drastically reducing costs of implementations and shortening the implementation timeframe.
  • It’s all managed within ServiceNow. User provisioning, logging and reporting is all managed within ServiceNow. Any ServiceNow administrator is able to manage AssetTrack with ease.
  • The system doesn’t go down. Since AssetTrack requires no server and database, there are less moving parts.  AssetTrack is built completely on ServiceNow’s robust platform, so there is far less downtime than server-based solutions.
  • Stays compatible with ServiceNow upgrades. AssetTrack is maintained in the ServiceNow Store and certified prior to each new platform version release. Upgrading to newer versions to stay compatible with ServiceNow releases is as easy as pressing “upgrade” in the ServiceNow application menu.

Bottom line – Using a server-based solution puts your data at risk, increases risk of system downtime, and increases costs of management.

More information about AssetTrack for ServiceNow can be found here or watching the brief demo video below.

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