AssetTrack® 4 Any Device

You should upgrade to AssetTrack® 4

AssetTrack® 4 is the single most significant evolutionary step for AMI’s industry-leading barcode and RFID asset tracking solution. Current AssetTrack® 3 customers, as well as Asset Managers looking to drive additional value for their organizations, should upgrade their current solutions to AssetTrack® 4 to utilize the following powerful features introduced by the new release.

Here’s why.

Elimination of Hardware Costs

AssetTrack® 4 makes your asset tracking program accessible to everyone in your organization by introducing new apps that are compatible with all major smartphones, tablets and web browsers. Now anyone can scan and update asset information without the purchase of additional hardware. This expanded access drives down scanning hardware costs and increases your ability to capture data. This allows you to expand asset tracking across the enterprise, bringing all users into the process without additional cost, greatly improving the data quality in your asset management repository.

Simplified Forms Management

AssetTrack® 4 removes the concept of device-specific forms. Asset Managers no longer have to make copies of forms for handhelds and web forms, or set a property indicating iOS or Windows Mobile. Moving forward, asset managers will define tasks instead of forms. The configured fields, rules and permissions apply to every device, regardless of platform. There is one unified queue per task, regardless of which device was used to collect the data.

This greatly reduces the impact of a process change, as AssetTrack administrators can make a single configuration change for all devices.

New Features: Signature, Image and GEO-Location Capture

AssetTrack® 4 supports the capture of images, signature and other binary data. Asset Managers can now create tasks that capture photos, signatures and GEO-location data which can be easily integrated with the ITAM repository. Location information is automatic with GPS-enabled devices, virtually eliminating errors with location data entry.

Continued Support for Existing Hardware and Forms

While the new AssetTrack® 4 forms provide powerful new data collection capabilities, your existing investment and hardware and form definitions is still supported, allowing for integrating these new tools without disrupting the processes that already deliver value for your organization.

Improved Location & Stockroom Audit

AssetTrack® 4 introduces new support for stockroom auditing processes. Like Location audits before it, this specialized audit task ensures the the repository contains the most accurate asset information possible for a given stockroom.

Improved Integrations for ServiceNow, CA, and HP

AssetTrack® 4 introduced a seamless, certified integration for ServiceNow, as well as strengthened support for CA and HP asset and service management products, including the arrival of custom field publishing support for CA IT Asset Manager (APM) and above.

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